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say those 5 words and im yours

i replied to our rp

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Okay but imagine person A of your otp picking up sleepy person B and carrying them to bed and person B just snuggles their face into person A’s shoulder you know on second thought don’t imagine that

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I’m going to have a fucking mental break

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remember the girl who told me i need to be quiet when I was coughing?

she just told me I need to turn my laptop fan down

#i #don't
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talk to me i’m in polisci and i will be bored i can feel it in my boots

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aziz ansari’s voice in the back of my head faintly telling me to treat myself is going to be my downfall

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ah computer

you are so freakishly loud

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I don’t remember when I originally drew this but the lines for this have been sitting around on my computer forever so I colored them real quick (:

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pros of dating me:
• singing a lot of musical theatre duets
cons of dating me:
• singing A LOT of musical theatre duets

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"why don’t u like your birthname it’s so pretty!!"