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Anime Banzai-2014 Free! skit

omigosh this is too cute and fun, I wish I’d been there, thank goodness someone put it up on youtube and the facebook page!

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aoba // sly // shiroba

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so at Banzai we were discussing our next year cosplay idea, and we decided to do Piffle World Tsubasa cast

basically all they did was give me the chance to yell Hyuu~ as much as i want and call Vic even more obnoxious names (Kuro-puu, KuroKuro and Kuro-cutie are def. going to be the most obnoxiously used ones)

they have brought this upon themselves

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you now cosplay your icon for every day of your life from now on how screwed are you

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Telling me to cosplay Fai is just giving me permission to go HYUU as often as I can

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i see your misunderstood villain

but can i raise you an Ashura 

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i’m going to re-read the entirety of Tsubasa RC again

and its going to hurt me

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that one character that you’re like “do i love this character or am i this character?”

"and if i am this character, why hasn’t someone stopped me?”

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man I’m not really into anime. I mean, I like Free! and DMMD but its mostly stuff i’ve watched before no big deal right?

-goes to anime banzai-

-only wants to talk about anime-

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My hair is doing something weird and I look like an anime character

Oh my god SAM why are you so damn CUTE