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I don’t feel like I’m getting any better like I should be on the tail end of this thing but it just keeps going I’m j UST

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So the dorm-mates had taken over our side of the sink as well and I moved their shit out because no
And now they’re sitting out there saying its unfair that they don’t get out portion like
F u c k y o u

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Male protagonist lives alone with one of his grandparents. He has a different being inside of him, capable of mind crushing others. One day his grandparent is kidnapped by a rich villain that is using a hologram duel game in his evil scheme

yu gi oh or dramatical murder?

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I’m not getting any better I’m getting worse and I’m so irritated its just
Ain’t nobody got time

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✮ anna’s “i got really incredibly lucky and i want to share that luck with you” dallas les misérables playbill giveaway 

i saw dallas les mis sunday night on closing night and it was amazing!!! for those of you who don’t know, i live in alaska, so my chances of seeing the show were really slim until i wrote them a letter expressing my love for it and they decided to fly me down there, all expenses paid, for a weekend in dallas and front-row seats for the show. sO. YEAH. LUCKY

i got about twenty playbills — one’s mine, ten are for friends and mutuals, and i’m giving the other ten away via random giveaway. here are ur rules:

  • u don’t have to be following me but that would be cool!!
  • reblog once for ur first entry, like for ur second (so two entries total)
  • i’ll ship anywhere!!
  • don’t use giveaway blogs that’s nasty and rude
  • giveaway ends 26 august (a week from today)


  • a dallas les misérables playbill!!! they aren’t signed but they’re in very good condition and they’re dallas les mis so like
  • ALSO some spiffy 24601 hashtag dtclesmis tattoos bc i have a million
  • probably a note from me

aaaand that’s it!! have fun kiddos

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Can I be Courfeyrac now?
Or Monty I’ll be Monty.

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we got on the elevator with edward watts (javert) at one point last night and kelsey was like “what’s in the bag?” and he said “the leather jacket” and she said “did you steal it?” and he said “no i bought it” he bought his javert jacket he was so attached to it that he bought it